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So I killed and ate it.  Good protein, right?

AirDyne: 22 minutes

Dynamic Bench: 10x3

Cable X over: 4x10

Hammer Incline Press: 4x10

Dips: 4x12x 1 chain

Cable Tricep Push down: 4x10

Supine DB Tricep Ext: 4x10

Bike Commute: 20 minutes

Huge coaching point with the new outdoor set up.  The exercises have not changed.  The atmosphere is different and sometimes when the cheese gets moved it throws people off.

Therefore, I go back to the basics and teach ONE thing and one thing only.  That ONE thing often times is different for each person, but what ever the coaching point is, I teach ONE THING.

The breakdown is like this:

Teach one thing the participant has an 87% chance of remembering it

Teach two thing that number drops to 33%

Teach three things..."Good luck"

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