While much of the country is in a deep freeze, we have been experiencing an early spring.  With that comes the seasonal allergies and sniffles at a much earlier time.  I live at the end of a corridor that is a wind swept tunnel called the "Sports Park". The tunnel also is a vortex for all the blooms to float down causing my household a more dramatic response to those allergens.

Not me so much as the rest of my small band of Selkows is a heavy dose of sniffles, sneezes and wheezes.  The snores and hacks can keep both April and I up during the night giving cause for sleepy eyed mornings.  Yes, our mornings start extra early but the sleepless nights add to the fatigue the next day.

No excuses!

Punching holes in my Bench Press with an Axle bar was a way to add weight without really counting it.  In my gym, ALL bars, regardless of weight, weigh in at 45 lbs.

Therefore, my Axle bench press of 315 for three reps was quite pleasing to my mind EVEN in its fatigued state.

I also had some fine random thoughts.  One in particular is one I've stated before when asked why I push as hard as I do.

I have a blend of Powerlifting and Body Building worked into my program because I am teetering on being the fool of many things and master of none at this given moment, until the idea pops into my head, that my goal is to become "Unfunctionally Large".

YES!  THAT'S IT!!!  By being SO stinking large you can't move, you won't have to.  Simple, yet so very effective.

Think about it, You can't sit down because your legs are so stink'n big, you need to place roughly 1200 lbs on your shoulders to sink you down.  Understand this all becomes applicable only through the proper breathing technique.  IF, you need to ascend, all you need to do is breath IN.  Descend by exhaling.

Simultaneously, all arm movements would need to be done in the same manner.

The look that is known as the "Bench Shirt" arm position could be held without the aide of a Bench Shirt.  The possibilities here alone are endless.  Think about dancing with your mate.  Whoa, the nekkid horizontal Mambo just gave me a horrible image that I can't unsee.  Oh well...I'm going to coin this one.  "Un Functionally Large"

No need to move, because I can't move.


Not sure...can I use this photo?  It was in the Library.  Does that make it EliteFTS property for all to use?  I sure hope so.