Updated Training some videos

My first priority, my clients training has been going great

On Q & A if you asked me a question and I did not get back it is because its a different system, PLEASE tag me if you want to specifically ask a question.  I really enjoy the Q & A's


Box Squats (the basic progression continues, now 91% of the way to my goal)--use to be really good at these, started back awful, getting a lot better

Keystone Dumbbell Deadlifts x12 x 3 sets -- sissy squats x 15 (superset 4 times)

Incline Cable Fly--supersetted with rear delt horizontal/inverted fly machine--12, 5 (holding contracted position 4 sec)

McGill Wide Grip Pullups--1 rest 20 seconds, 5 minute sequence (these actually made me sore, with elbow I can get sloppy repping, so I I will play with these)

Lateral Raise Cluster sets (do 4 reps rest 20 seconds) 5 minute straight (on incline)

Abdominal--neck work

Saturday (this was more active recovery)


Various Lateral Drills in my house for 15 minutes (raining)

Abdominal Work

8 minutes bw triceps occlusion training

Sometimes if the exercise selection and stuff seems a bit odd, it is with my left elbow (the only injury, I have ever really had.) I am taking action on this but to do not want to write on dwell on it. I am getting leaner, stronger, better conditioned and live my dream daily:  I'd say God dealt me a good hand

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