I will post a few client videos and updates tomorrow

Over the course of the weekend I trained BW stuff in my hotel room, on Monday I used the Embassy Suites Weight Room to train arms.

I did not want to train arms but given the equipment seemed most logical

All sets were performed in 5 minute clusters, did 3 reps, rested 15 secs and did this sequence for 5 minutes

--chin-ups (the bars contour) felt perfect on biceps, blasted em too!

--triceps overhead rope ext

-zottman curls

-trice pushdowns

Was in and out but a great workout, felt awesome.

This was Tuesday

Squats 3 singles (feel strong but as I am losing weight the groove seems to change and its little awkward but the nonetheless  weight is blasting up)

Deadlift x 3 (heavy)

6 sets 3 reps speed rest 60 sec

-2 sets of 5 deficit deads

-bent over row 3 sets 8 reps

-shrugs one arm barbell 3 sets 12 reps

GHR 3 sets 8

Got it done but felt like the trip caught up or something, wasn't happy with how things moved but they did all move.

Weds 15 Hill Sprints, sprint up hill walk down (do 1 a minute for 15 minutes)