Updated Workouts

Life is good, stoked about second son being born on Nov 4th.........here are updated workouts


Lat Pulldowns (light) face up chest away 3x8
face pulls (light 3x12)

Balls out Giant sets twice (no rest at all accept going exercise to exercise)

Chin up (11,6), Incline Dbell Bicep Curl 5-5,
Reverse Curl 40, 40 (keep getting better each time I get to a previous exercise from earlier sessions)

Pec Deck-3x12 Light

Overhead Rope Ext (balls out) 6 sets to failure reps ranging 5-11

Abs, neck, calves,forearms

Thursday & Saturday hit my bags for conditioning in garage.......

Friday *this was a hard workout

Olympic Pause Squats 2x5 (moderate)

2 Giant Sets balls out intensity......no rest besides walking to exercise

Deadlifts x 3, TBar Prison Rows x 5, Dumbbell Pull Over x 15, Wide Grip Pull up 11,7, strange lat machine x40

Still getting stronger on everything feel great

Reverse Grip Dbell Bench Press 3x8 (moderate)

crucifix hold 40 sec, 110 (Intense)

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