US Open: 3 Weeks Out

There’s not much to say here that I haven’t already said in the other weeks leading up to now.  At this point, the hardest work has been done; it’s just patience and execution down the stretch.  I struggle with both but I’m improving daily, and everything is on track.

Monday: Bench
Competition bench
85% x3

Hammer Strength pulldown
Hammer curl
TRX bodyweight row

Light and quick today.  Since I tweaked my pec a few weeks ago I’ve been staying cautious with bench, but it’s feeling fine.  The TRX row is a great accessory for the rear delts and upper back -- definitely give it a try.

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Wednesday: Deadlift
Competition deadlift
92% x3

2 board bench press

Was supposed to squat today, but not really feeling it, so I decided to pull instead.  It was a good call.  Hit a PR triple with at least two reps left in the tank.  I’ll push it to an RPE 9 next week for my last heavy deadlift session before the meet.  Bench work was speeeeedy too.

Friday: Squat
Competition squat
Opener x1
90% x3

Competition bench
87% x3

Long AF session but damn, the weights were flying.  My squat opener was without a doubt the fastest rep I’ve taken all prep, so that’s a nice confidence builder.  Depth is on point, too, which was an issue for me at first with the wraps.  Slowly creeping up on the comp bench.

I trained on Saturday, too, but I’ll save that for another entry….

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