US Open: 4 Weeks Out

Before I get into the training, I want to mention my new article this month, another installment of my bodybuilding for powerlifting series. It's about the adductors, and it's gotten some good feedback. Check it out here!

I needed the deload at the end of last week and the first half of this one, and now I’m feeling great.  Really excited to see how the final few weeks of training unfold leading into the US Open.  I feel stronger than I’ve ever been, so it’ll come down to patience and execution this last month.

Monday: Upper Deload
Hammer Strength lat pulldown
One-arm pulley pulldown
Hammer Strength pullover
Concentration curl
Rolling dumbbell extension
Shoulder complex

Wednesday: Lower Deload
50% x3

Sumo deadlift
50% x3

Hack squat
Leg curl
Leg extension
Reverse hyperextension

Friday: Deadlift
Competition deadlift
90% x5

Dumbbell bench press

TRX rear delt row

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Probably the best deadlift session I’ve ever had.  Tied my 5RM but I had at least another two reps in the tank, maybe three.  Had the discipline to leave them in the tank!  Shut it down after one set and moved on to some light accessories.  There’s no place for training insane this close to a meet.  It’s time to save it for the platform.

Saturday: Squat and Deadlift Accessory
Last warmup x1
Sleeves only

3” Axle deadlift

Pit Shark

Had a great time dropping into Heavy Metal in San Antonio!  If you’re in the area, do yourself a favor and drop in -- Tim and Michelle are the best in the industry.  Today was a light session in preparation for heavier squats on Wednesday next week, but I had fun trying out the Pit Shark for the first time.  Filled up with some post-workout sushi and a massage, so I’m feeling pretty fucking great.

There’s only thirteen workouts left before the US Open.  From here one out, every one counts.

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