US Open: 5 Weeks Out

Plug of the week: check out my article on strengthening your adductors to help your squat!

Well, I’m still right on track for the US Open, but I’m also worn the fuck out.  Hitting back-to-back PR doubles in the squat and deadlift took it out of me.  I’m going to adjust, move my planned deload up a week, and just relax for a few days to recoup from the brutality of the past few days.

Monday: Squat
Squat with Wraps
95% x2x2

Reverse Hyper

First double at 95% was ten pounds more than I’d ever done for a double, and it was actually really easy.  Coming back and hitting it a second time wasn’t.  I laid on the floor for about twenty minutes after.

Wednesday: Deadlift
95% x2

Add deficit

Well, I got my double for a five pound PR and thought hard about going for a second, but I still felt pretty crushed from Monday and decided to just take an easy backoff from a deficit instead.  Turned out to not be so easy.  I’m just tired at this point.

Thursday: Squat Accessory
Forced myself to go through with this day, but it turned into a bodybuilding/IG pose day.  Whatever.

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Saturday: Bench
Bench Press
92.5% x2x2

Shoulders & Arms

Dropped my planned bench percent down a tad and smoked them, but felt a slight twinge in my pec at the end of the second double, so shut it down and did some bodybuilding work.  Pec has some slight bruising but I also got a ton of work done on it by Tammy of Kinetix Body Science after, so the bruising is probably just from that.  It doesn’t hurt, but it’s clearly a sign that I need to back off a bit before the final push.  Deload time!

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