US Open: 6 Weeks Out

Before I get into the training part, I gotta share my new book, Think Strong, that’s for sale on here on EliteFTS.  I’ve put a lot of work into it and I’d really appreciate it if you check it out!

I’m finally starting the heavier work for meet prep, but keeping things around an RPE 8 this week.  I’ll continue to increase the weights and decrease the reps over the next couple of weeks, then taper off before the meet.

Monday: Squat & Bench Accessory
Squat with Wraps
90% x2x3
Backoff Sets

Dumbbell Bench Press

Reverse Hyperextension

Perfect session.  Had at least five reps on all the working sets of squat, so I feel comfortable that I’m working at 90% or below of my true 1RM.  Dumbbell bench felt good -- I like it as an accessory to increase strength off the chest in the competition bench.

Wednesday: Deadlift & Bench Accessory
Conventional Deadlift
90% 1x3
85% 1x3
Beltless Backoff Sets

5 Second Pause Bench Press

The deadlifts felt even easier than Monday’s squats, and my bench groove is coming along nicely.  I’ve found that pressing back over my face feels much stronger than pushing straight up.

Thursday: Squat & Deadlift Accessory
Squat with Sleeves
65% x3x4

Reverse Band Deadlift
Up to 95% x5x1

Hamstring Curl

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I’ve found that squatting on Friday doesn’t allow quite enough time for recovery before Monday’s heavy session, so I’m experimenting by moving my lighter squat session to Thursdays, even though I was still pretty tired from pulling yesterday.  Got a little too casual with the RB pulls -- didn’t put on collars at 755 and lost the plates at lockout.  Maybe time for some Croc Locks...

Saturday: Bench
Competition Bench
90% x3x3
Backoff Sets

Dumbbell Front Raise
Dumbbell Row
Lat Pulldown

Bench over 90% is always a little harder for me compared to squat or deadlift, but still completed all my reps with room to spare.  Quick session today.

The next two weeks are make-or-break, but I’m feeling good.  I’ve been meeting with a sport psychologist to bring my mental game up to par, too.  I can’t share what we’ve discussed, but it’s been really helpful to me and I’m excited to see how it affects the rest of my peak.

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