When I started TPS I never expected that I would create an environment where I would be lucky enough to meet the legends of my favorite sports, Powerlifting and Strongman and they would want to train at my gym.

I just wanted to start a kick ass gym that made people want to smash weights. But, 19 years later, here we are. It's a pretty good job. Anyway, I have had the fortune to meet many of the greats in this sport over the years and I've also been lucky enough to train with many as well.

This week and last, I had the ability to spend a lot of time with Powerlifting legend Andrey Malaninchev.

I got to train with him too. Andrey was here for about a week and a half and we learned a lot from him and had a lot of laughs. He told me last night that he considers TPS his home in Boston, and that was a pretty big deal to me! I had the chance to sit down with Andrey and Yana for two interviews. Past one is here today. I hope you like it. Part 2 will be up next week. Find me on Google-search for Total Performance Sports Malden, Mass. The Best Gym in Boston, Facebook too. Oh, yeah, follow us on Instagram too. TPSMalden SHARE THIS! #bostonsstrongest Vincere vel mori Total Performance Sports

By: C.J. Murphy

June 12, 2018