With Elitefts.com Inc. coming into its 20th year of business, I realized that I've spent more time helping others reach their strength training goals than I have pursuing my own. Here is one key I've noticed to maximal success on and off the platform


It's not a matter of if you will get hurt, but when. I'm not the only one who feels that great pain is not only unavoidable, but necessary. In 'The Science of Winning', Vasily Alekseyev notes:



"It seems to me that some of the talented athletes lack one thing: they haven't had an injury.

That's right!

An injury that will put them out of commission for a year during which time they'll have a chance to weigh everything.

I, too, would not be where I am if I had not injured my back. I suffered for a year and a half thinking everything over.

After a misfortune, people pull through and become, if possible, great people — and sportsmen, in particular.

Those who are stronger find their way out and to the top."



Injuries suck. The worse they are, the more they suck. But I have yet to see any lifter who has been down for a considerable amount of time not come back to be better, smarter, and a better coach in the long run. At the same time, I have seen others who have never been hurt leave after the first sign of adversity. Those who do this and try to coach rarely succeed.


I find this to be true on the platform, in business, and in life. Adversity is just part of growing and becoming stronger. The more you deal with adversity, the more you find that you can handle things that may have dropped you a few years ago. Adversity is also an excellent guide for where you should be and what you should be doing. If you can't handle it on the platform, then maybe you're in the wrong sport. If you can't take care of it in business, then maybe you are in the wrong business, If you can't handle it in life, then maybe you need to change who you surround yourself with.


Remember that with any max load, one of three things can happen: you do it, you don't, or you get hurt, There's only so much control you have over this outcome. You prepare to the best of your ability and let the cards fall where they will. However, you do have total control on how you deal with what happens next.









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