Training in my gym is a never ending supply of wit and humor.  EVERYONE takes a turn at being the source depending on what's on tap for the day.

Currently we are on a training cycle of Vertical Jumps in place of the traditional Dynamic Effort Squat.  Everyone has to get their "vert" tested, before we can reduce the height for the actual exercise.  Since we use the "functional step" that comes with the EliteFTS 3x3  Collegiate Rack EVERYONE must come face to face with the THIRD reason there is for failing an endeavor. The MENTAL part.

I tell the story of loss flesh, and Nike Swoosh scars from the Emergency rooms that I've taken missed attempts.  I tell of the first day Hockey player that needed 12 stitches in his hand that he smashed on the step during the force production swing phase.  I do this on purpose because I don't really NEED a 100% PHYSICAL display, as much as I want to see the cojones of both my men and women athletes.  I want to see how much FEAR is in them and what we need to do in order to overcome this False Evidence that Appears Real.

Today was not without F.E.A.R. and grandstand HUMOR.

Ryan Boemer is a former College Football Lineman.  He stands 6'4" (everyone is six feet four inches from where I stand) and weighs in at a svelte 260 lbs, down from his sexy 300+

Ryan or as we call him "Bama" stands looking at the STEEL step and its sharp tooth edge and prepares himself with four or five DEEP breaths.  He leans back into his SQUAT or loading phase and draws his arms back into position.  I can hear his heart POUNDING through his Gladiator Pecs when he goes limp and totally relaxed.

Bama stands up and turns to ask me..."How high did that Old Fat Guy get?"

See, we have a few "older" gentlemen that raz the younger guys daily!  One fella in particular is a wonderful FORMER athlete himself, but has put on a few kilos over the decades.  He is like clockwork in his ability to give the younger guys coming up, like Bama, a hard time.

I then told Bama that the "Old Fat Guy" didn't attempt his max jump yet this week.  To which he turns back to the step and mutters the line of the day...

"We can't have any Old Fat Guys beating any of us Young Fat Guys".

With that, Bama EXPLODED off the ground and hit a nice 30+ inch vert. where I fell off my rolling stool keeping the notes and records, laughing all the way to the floor.

As for me, I did some Incline Chest Press in Dynamic fashion with a garbage can load of push ups and cable work.  Throw in a side order of DELT work to round those caps off and I was DONE.

Lacrosse practice in a while.

You young fat guys???  Never lose to the old fat guys.  They'll never let you live it down.