Wed 5/20/2020

For today a little change.

Hang Clean anything that can be held in a horizontal position mid thigh.

Keep your elbows above the bar until your range of motion can't hold the position any longer then snap your elbows under the bar to support it.

10 x 5


Over head Press: 5x10

This is "opening a window to stick your noggin out to see what's going on up and down the street".


Lateral Raise super set w/

Rear Delt Raise super set w/

Front Delt Raise

5 x 10

Hell, your shoulders should smoke with only your hands.  But use a light weight of a sort.  Soup cans are cool

Bicep Curl: 100 reps


10x10 yards @50%

10x50 yards @75%

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