I always thought that Vincent Dizenzo and were friends but after the shredding that I got from him, Dave, Rhodes and Jim on the Elites YouTube video, I wasn’t so sure.  Vincent came up yesterday to train and hand me down some equipment he didn’t use, so maybe we still are….

We shot some video for you and the first one is today.

We talk about weight loss, fat loss and how it is overcomplicated by so many. In all reality, it’s simple, but not easy. If I can do it, anyone can.

Vincent and I have both lost over 100 pounds each. I didn’t keep it off by choice, I felt sickly at 210. I went back to 235 by choice and feel healthy.

Vincent is on a constant quest and is hovering around 200 pounds and getting leaner.

I think that anyone who wants to lose weight or lose fat needs to watch this video for some simple to implement weight loss tips.

Spud Inc. Straps

In it we discuss:

  • 2:00: Our approaches to weight loss/stabbing your finger through granite
  • 3:33: lost a pound to lose a hundred
  • 5:18: 4 weight classes in one year?
  • 6:10: Diets have “seasons”
  • 7:05: CALORIES are king
  • 7:29: How much protein?
  • 9:18: Losing weight through Snickers and Whiskey/how to break down your macros
  • 10:22: The first steps and one small change
  • 11:06: The Amazing 330 lb. Vincent’s Proudest Moment
  • 12:05: Murph and Brandon Lily naked in the crack hotel lobby
  • 12:59: The Hot Pocket Diet vs. The Lean Pocket Diet
  • 14.05: Stack small changes to see BIG changes
  • 15:30: The Wrap Up


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Vincere vel mori

C.J. Murphy

July 16, 2021

Total Performance Sports, CJ Murphy, Vincent Dizenzo, weight loss tips, fat loss, nutrition, elitefts, powerlifting