WHAAAAT? Tuesday Arms??? Tuesday 6/2/2020

Narrow hand placement push ups: 4 sets of 15

super set with

Some curling or Elbow flexing: 4x10

Do a type of neutral grip elbow flex as in "hammer curl": 4x10

super set with

C/S Tricep Kick Back: 4x15

Finish with

The bottom 1/2 of a standing type elbow flex.  Don't go all the way up. Keep tension on the bicep: 4x10 with a LOT of control

Super set w/

A single arm cross body supine tricep extension:  Hold onto your bicep and don't let your elbow waiver at all.  4x15


5 side shuffles of 10 yards to each side  total of 10.  Don't cross the feet

10 x 3 standing broad jumps.  Walk back to the start

Sprint @75%






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