What did you do that was an improvement

What did you do today to improve upon over what you did yesterday?

For me, when a person say's something like "Oh I hate that bar" I respond with a resounding ..."then use it"

I have found that when a person doesn't like something, they usually suck at doing it.  Since they suck at doing it, they probably NEED it more than they think.

I look at it this way...IT will probably make you stronger by simply using it, USE IT!

The big ass Spider Bar is a difficult mother to even move around early in the morning.  Sooooooo...We're going to move it and move it with a challenging weight.

I get gassed up on doing things like this!


Today's Training:

AirDyne: 21 mins

Box Squat:

Use a different sexy bar   (We used the EliteFTS Spider Bar)

6 RM at a PRE=7

Band Squat: 4x25

Chain Lunge:

2 chain x 10

1 chain x 10

0 chain x 10

X 3


RDL: 4x10

Calf Raise: 100

Pre hab/ Re hab

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