OK, I'm no weeper but sometimes I feel like life is kicking me in the nuts, like the forces of nature are aligning to see how much aggravation a guy can take.

Like just when you are "right there" some more crap falls at your feet.

Well, you can't beat a man who will never give up, so that makes me unbeatable.

"What the 'eff are you talking about Murph?" is what I am sure you are all saying right now. Wait for it, it's coming.

Last week I told you I'd give you the announcement and here it is: it's looking like we are going to have to pack TPS up and find a new location.

"But wait Murph, don't you have a lease?"

Sure I do, but when the building you are in goes under agreement because a developer wants to add another hotel your lease doesn't matter.

Here is the deal: I had a business plan when we moved into this ginourmous location and things were going according to plan for the most part.

We had revenue projections and timelines and plans. Sure, I am not making as much as we had hoped due to the market getting saturated the past year or two, and the economy booming so much (note: sarcasm), but we are going according to plan and as part of the plan, we should be turning a major corner financially soon.

Well, this really throws a stick in my spokes.

I don’t know what you all think, but moving a 30,000 square foot gym is not as easy as you think. Finding a suitable location to move to close enough to retain your base isn’t easy either. Finding a spot with parking for over 100 cars is almost impossible too.

None of that matters because I will find a way to pull this off.

I am unbeatable because I will never give up.


So, as you all read my logs and see me talking about how crazy it has been, it is now going to get even crazier.

We are hoping that the sale does not go through, but I am looking at locations now. TPS will be downsizing and we will find a spot that is smaller and much more in line with what we truly want to do: be a home for strength athletes and those who wish to be their best to train at with the best equipment and the best coaches.
I have already looked at about a few places and some are good, some are not and some are great. The thing that stinks is the ones that are great are REALLY expensive. The team and I will be looking at a spot tomorrow that is pretty promising and is at a fair price.

Maybe it will work out.

If it does, you will see TPS get even better. If it doesn’t, I’ll keep looking.

Remember all you people new to business, if the deal isn’t right, walk away.

OK, I’m done with that for now.

Let’s talk powerlifting.

I took the World’s Strongest Granny-Jane Stabile to the RPS New Hampshire/Vermont Championships this past weekend and she killed it.
Jane has been having some issues with her squat lately so we decided to do the meet as a Push/Pull.

You may know that as Dave Tate says, lifting problems are physical, mental or technical. Jane’s were mental as far as I could see. She was having a lot of problems that she never had before and we decided to take the stress of the squat out and let here have fun this time.

She is learning the Metal Jack shirt on the bench and it has been going pretty good.


In training she looked solid. We settled on an easy opener of 175 and the plan was 175, 195 and then 200-205.

She mis-grooved her opener and went around the shirt and her butt popped up off the bench trying to recover.

We stayed at 175 for her 2nd and she smoked it. 185 was her third and we had the same issue as on her opener. Oh well, 175 is a pretty good bench for a 62 year old 148 pound lifter. Not a PR but still respectable.

Her deadlift has always been her best lift and it has been going really good. She is using the Metal Jack Sumo suit with a few alterations and she is killing it.

We opened at and easy 355. Who cares about her 2nd. It was all about her 3rd attempt.

Jane absolutely crushed 405 on her 3rd for a 3 pound all time PR. This was regardless of weight class.

She has lifted in the 181’s, the 165’s and now the 148’s. She set an RPS World Record for her age group and I am sure she will hit 415-420 in her next meet if things go as planned.

You can see her 405 lift here.

Next up, more lifter updates.


Carlos Moran of TeamTPS is training for Dan Green’s Boss of Bosses 2 in California. He’ll be in the Raw 198’s.


His win at RUM got him there, along with a ton of hard work. Carlos trains with Mikelina Belainah of Team EliteFTS and Lodrina Cherne of TeamTPS.

Lodrina is prepping for the IPF World Championships right now. What can I say about Lo, other than she is simply amazing. I have the utmost confidence she will perform well at World’s.

My Training


I’ve finally gotten myself on an RPE based program and it has a good deal of volume in it.

Since everything is feeling pretty good including my hip I’ve resumed squatting using the EliteFTS Belt Squat. I am not pushing the weight, but using my hip as the RPE indicator.

This week I hit 5 plates for 8 at an RPE of 7 with no issues. I am pretty happy with that.

The bench and deadlift are also going pretty well. On the bench I am also using my hip as the RPE indicator since the bench makes it worse than any other lift.

I’ve added lots of volume on the assistance work and so far, it seems to be treating me well.

I don’t think I’ll be breaking any world record like Jane soon, but I am keeping my body from falling apart and actually moving better.

That’s my goal for now.

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