Is Critical Thinking a thing of the past?

Are people  living unconsciously, not knowing why they think and act the way they do?    Do we accept and act without second thought on what the media (including Social Media)  is presenting us as the truth?

Have lies and  propaganda turned us into Drones?

I like to question EVERYTHING!

Get the FACTS and come to a LOGICAL conclusion.

Maybe we have dumbed down so much to make room for more time, that we are lacking the necessary SKILLS to think for ourselves.

Question EVERYTHING...Why did I say that?  Why are you reading this right now?  Why did I just ask WHY?

No matter what is being presented...ASK WHY!

OK...I'm stepping down from my Soap Box for now.


Today's Training:

5 Rep, Narrow Stance, 2" BELOW parallel Box Squat:

Beat last weeks number by 5 or 10 lbs.

`Go up in 10% increments


Dead Lift Rep Sets:  5x10

Men=195 lbs

Women=125 lbs


GHR: 45 Reps in as few sets as possible

Hyvk Rear Sliding (Lunge): 4x10 use a 45 lbs bar