My wife and I were walking our dog the other day and she asked me what I was thinking about?  I looked at her and gave her the blank stare and said...nothing.

I am one of those people who can actually be void of thought.  Serious, not quiet and pensive thinking about other things.  I can be so in the moment that I am without a thought at all.

She called it "meditation without the ceremony."

I called it putting your ear next to mine and hearing the ocean!

I like to listen!  I can hear things.

When it's dark, I can listen even better because it's quiet!

Today's Training:

Dynamic Bench: 8x3@60%

4 board Press:

1x3@ the same 60%

1x3@+20 lbs

1x3@+50 lbs

1x3@+75 lbs

Push Ups: 115 in as few sets as possible for men...65 for women

Overhead Press: 5x2@125 men  55 for women

DB Lateral Raise: 3x30@ something light