I've been suffering for a few weeks with a pissed off sciatic nerve.  I've done it in the past a few times and the old Nautilus Duo/Poly Hip and Back would be my saving grace.  But that hasn't been available for me in about two decades.

I've still gone ahead and squatted and deadlifted, with being conservative with my progress.

Mind you, I've been training with a crew that is young and aggressive.  Former LINEMAN in the local University system, hard charging business people who I like to call Educated Meat, and others.

They LOVE to go heavy and move the weight FAST.

I threw caution to the wind today, and put a ton of chains and weight on the bar for both the squat and dead lifts.  Then upped the stakes and added SPEED to the equation.

So far...not bad.  I thought I'd be crippled by this point in the day.  But I think the worst might be over.

However, times like this, a Nautilus Duo/Poly Hip and Back machine would be a nice accessory exercise to the program.