When the Cheese Cake requires a quarter cup of sugar

I have trained literally 1000's of athletes/people.  Yea, yea, yea...you hear or read that all the time but there are few people that have been at this as long as I have.  They simply haven't seen enough to be able to say that.

In the time training them, I have never physically injured anyone that did what I told them.

That is not to say that some haven't gotten injured in my gym, but that's because they took it upon themselves to customize my workouts and do shit on their own incorrectly or because they "thought" it would be ok.

I put together a yearly plan, and then check our progression regularly to see where we need to tweak things.

I give clear cut written instructions with the menu of the day and what is expected.  I then can either train with my crew or coach technique the rest of the time.

When I look up and see a person doing something that I did not write down I ask in rather loud audible tone..."Where the fuck does it say to do THAT?"

To which I will 95% of the time receive the answer that begins with..."Well I thought it would be ok.."

I will return fire with..."that's the problem!!!  Don't fucking think!  I'll do that for you.  Can I be in charge today?"

I equate my program to a recipe.  If you are following a Cheese Cake recipe and it calls for 1/4 cup of sugar, but you "think" it would be better off with a full Cup, then you don't have a predictable cheese cake.  You have something else.  It might be better???  But chances are it will suck!

Same thing here.  Do as I say, and I will have a pretty good idea where I can predict our next progression.  Do it your way??  Who knows?

I love training the people in my program!  There are some that have been with me since the beginning of my program in the Bay Area.  Those folks know what's coming when I whistle for a team meeting in the middle of practice.  It's the new people that need their asses torn.  And tear it I will.

I know when you follow what I tell you to do, you will become Bigger, Stronger, Faster, Better Looking, Sexier, More confident and smarter.  Do it your way and there is no way to predict any of that.

I muse..."Outside this gym I'm a pretty big deal!  No really!!!  Google that shit!"  hahahahaha

Some will get it, some won't...and they are the ones that get kicked out before they get hurt.

Currently I like my undefeated stat in losing people to stupidity.

To be done DAILY!!!

2 sets of 15 reps followed by 1 more set of 10 of the following exercises *

Reverse Hyper


Back Extension

Side Flexion

Suspended Knees to Elbow

DB Lateral Raise

Push Ups

Cable Flys

* ONE set of Rear Delt Destroyers modified:


Main Lift:

4 RM Box Squat w/ Specialty bar

Reverse Stepping Lunge: 4x25

No Bike Commute because the air quality can be SEEN.  Ash particles are floating like snow flurries

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