Here is Through Sunday will update rest of week tomorrow



Olympic Squats-10 sets of 6 (rest varied from 90 to 180 sec)

In between each squat set supersetted an upper body movement with max intensity

This was one of the hardest things I have ever done--I am still feeling it today, through Monday I could barely walk


Saturday Low Intensity Bag Work, occlusion Arm Training

Sunday (should have been Monday but was preemptive) with ice storms coming

Chest Supported Tbar Rows (new attachment) was relatively weak but felt great

One Armed Eccentric Seated Rows (2 up 1 down 5 sec eccentric)

Overhead Rope Tri Ext-50,40,30,20

Hack Squat--leg curl superset (just as an active recovery to help alleviate DOMS)

Abdominal Neck Work

Swiss Bar Front raise (4 sets) haven't done these in a while but one of my all time favorites