Mass moves mass, but if you are that large that you can't breath AND the weight you use isn't much more than you weigh, then you really need to rethink what you are trading long term for that shitty total.

Some just need to shake the sand from their private parts.

My morning crew has been feeling quite pleased with the way their progression has been coming along. The forced CONDITIONING along with proper sequencing of progressive overload has them feeling good, getting stronger without INJURY or too much pain.

When we discussed between sets the long term plan all were happy to hear what my vision is.

I want everyone to be as strong as possible at the lowest FAT % we can get to.

"WHAT? Doesn't mass move mass???"

Yes it does! But that isn't the vision. If you weigh 300+ pounds you had better move 405 pounds.

I'd rather see a 260 pound person move that same 405 pounds, or better yet a 105 pound female move 405.

Why? Although the percentage of "lighter weight" people moving the same weight as a heavy/super heavy weight are slim, (get it? pun intended) how much healthier are those that are lighter and still moving substantial poundage? Less stress on ALL the joints. Less stress on the old ticker!

When Vincent D dropped his 100 pounds of body weight, I saw a man become MORE healthy. Yes, he's still strong but NOW he's going to be with us being strong for many more years, AND with less morning pain.

I use to wake up, my feet would hit the ground and I would take account of every rip, pop, creak and stab. I would shuffle to the bathroom and groan, and I was only 220 pounds. EVERY heavy weight or super heavy weight that I know now, has some type of joint replacement scheduled in the future. For what?

Now that I'm sitting right around 200-205, I move better with less pain, lift ALMOST as heavy, AND my resting heart rate is sitting in the 50's and I'm SIXTY years old.

Being FAT for the sake of moving a lot of weight isn't my idea of health. Sleep apnea, sweating when it's 50 degrees, and not being able to see your own penis (Or who-ha if you're a women) losses it's appeal as you need more hamstring flexibility in order to site those intimate areas.

For MOST and I'm throwing this out without research to back it up...but 100% of the time, people don't have a weight problem. They have an EATING problem.

Intermittent Fasting
or what ever the next great nutritional plan is

what people need to do is eat until they are SATISFIED and NOT FULL. Eat off the smaller plate (we use too big of one and feel we need to cover it). Control the portion size by making servings the size of your fist. (that is the size of your stomach), and...slow the fuck down. We out eat our "I'm full receptors".

3500=1 pound of FAT!

Eat less to lose. Don't go hungry so when you are, you FEAST like a Viking conquerer.

Eat SEASONAL stuff from your own organic garden or locally grown.

Eat meat, fowl, or fish that you caught or as local as it can be.

Drink more WATER!!!

Today's Training:

Get Sweaty: 20 minutes of Airdyne bike.

Pin Press: 2 reps heavy. Beat last week's best

Push ups: 200 reps in as few sets as possible

Cable Fly: 5x10

Dips: 200 reps in as few sets as possible.

DB Hammer Curl: 5x10

DB Zottman Curl: 5x10

Bike Commute: 20 minutes