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THIS WEEK’S Monster Garage Gym/Maroscher Coaching Log: YOU CAN’T KILL A MASTER LIFTER!!!!


This Week’s Coaching Log:
The saying goes like this…. “Beware of an old man, in a profession where men usually die young.” This is true in the arena of battle. Although less lethal, this is also true with regard to the arena of strength sports.


Some call it old man strength, but all can see it. They can see it in the density and quality of the muscle in a successful power athlete who has been under the bar for a lifetime vs the muscle we see in photos, plastered all over the social media pages of the here today, gone later today lifter.

The character Indiana Jones says in Raiders of the Lost Arc, “It’s not the years, it’s the mileage.” Trust the master lifters who have been training in dungeon gyms for decades, it is the years too. The years and decades of training and competing no doubt result in the lifter’s fair share of pulls, tears, detachments and reattachments. But make no mistake about it, the master lifter got this far in the game by knowing when to knock down a wall, and when to instead, walk around it. The master lifter’s body wreckage came over the decades training and competing and big numbers sustained over the decades is the goal in this journey. Some novice lifters will undoubtedly enjoy a long and successful career in strength sports. Posting massive numbers either with prior lifts as benchmarks or the record boards as benchmarks. Their hardcore training over the decades will be a labor of love. Other novice lifters will undoubtedly never enjoy a long and successful career in strength sports. The reason is that they will be sorely mistaken when they think they’re hardcore, as they define that term as beating their body into submission every workout, never being able to differentiate when do knock down the wall and heeding the times when they should instead walk around it. They are mistaking battering their body and a heavy at all times mantra as hardcore. Those who have been there know that the injuries will come regardless, as they are out there waiting for you like a thief in the night. Earning your injuries, to borrow some Dave-speak, over a lifetime of training and competing successfully is a vastly different journey than squandering precious years and decades under the bar.

Successful master lifters know how to build up slowly but surely over time. Using time and planning and intensity and drive and determination to crescendo in strength. Powerlifting is not a race and the impatient, uneducated and myopic lifters rarely earn the spoils. In a clip on the Burley Strength’s page, Ed ‘The GOAT’ Coan says unapologetically, “Take your time to make it will last a lifetime. You want to be able to do it for the rest of your life because you love it, so treat it like that. Take your damn time. It really is the right way. I’ve seen people come and go. I’ve seen people get really strong extremely fast, and then the never last because they don’t take their time.”Ed's Video HERE.  

Ed’s message is lifting gospel and strength disciples can heed his words and take the path toward the pain of discipline. Others can ignore the words from Mr. Coan and enter onto the path of the pain of regret.

As a lifter in my 50’s I have seen what The GOAT is saying play out over decades with countless lifters in the countless gyms I have trained at. Be hardcore, be disciplined, be strong, be smart and educated about your training and competing, but be these things for the long haul.

The journey of training and competing is the full length movie not merely the one sheet-poster. It is a 7 course meal, not just the dessert. This coaching log is about celebrating the successful master lifter who continues to enjoy moving weights in their fourth, fifth, sixth decade of life and beyond, and inviting the newbie to take the path towards a lifetime, not mere moments, under the bar.

Wishing all of our weekly coaching log readers the best in your training and competitions. Ever Onward, Eric Maroscher, Owner: MONSTER GARAGE GYM

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