When an old participant from my program comes in for some words of wisdom.
Me: "I know what you got while you have been away for the last five years..."
Him: "what?"
Me: "FAT!"
Him: "yea, my doctor told me I'm pre-diabetic and I have xyz health concerns..."
Me: "Yea, and you are a fat wide body that is also lazy as fuck"

Him: "I eat right! My diet is on point. I have chicken, fish, and meat once a week, nothing else besides some rice and veggies"
Me: " BULLFUCKINGSHIT you do, you fat fuck. I bet you've been a Cheeto eating, doctor pepper drinking, sloth, and your cortisol levels, I bet are through the roof!"

Him: "Well...what do you suggest I do?"

Me: "you could start by coming back here and getting your ass right because it's at the moment stuck up your fat ass."

People with in earshot: "Coach, aren't you being a bit harsh?"

Me: "No!"

Reference point...he didn't show up to begin.

People are where they are because that's exactly where they want to be!

Today's Training:

AirDyne: 30 mins

Bike Commute: 27 mins

Tricep Rope Pushdown superset with DB Curl: 4x12

DB Hammer Curl superset with 1/2 Dips: 4x12

Tricep Kick Backs with Pronation superset with Steep Bench Incline Curls: 4x12

Ab Wheel: 36 reps

Suspended Knees to Elbow: 2x18

Decline Sit-ups: 2x18

Bike Commute: 22 mins