When you think you've reached your limit, do one more. Next time you think you can't go on, go a little farther. Challenge yourself to see if you can endure just a little more.  Not by a lot, but just one more rep, maybe 5 more pounds.  Maybe 100 yards more, or take ONE second off a timed event.

Vasily Alekseyev set 80 world records and 81 Soviet records in weightlifting.  Most of them by a kilo or less each time.  Granted he could have gotten a PR and left it at that, but in the old Soviet Union you got rewarded for every world record you broke, even if it were your own.  WHY do it once when you can do it multiple times?

You don't have to hit a MAX every time, BUT just a little bit more than you thought would be fine!


Today's Training:

Incline DB Chest Press:

Men: 5x10@50

Women: 5x10@20-25


Incline Fly:

Men: 5x10@25

Women: 5x10@10-15


Overhead BB Press:

Men: 5x10@65

Women: 5x10 @45 or less


DB Lateral Raise:

Men: 5x10@20-25

Women: 5x10@10-15


Curls: 3x10

Tricep Ext: 3x10


Yes!  That's it!!!