Core Blaster Squat Attachment with Belt



Everybody wants a belt squat but not everyone has the room for one...until now. 



Does not include elitefts E-Series Core Blaster



Typically ships within 12-14 business days.

Core Blaster Squat Attachment with Belt

The Core Blaster Squat attachment is designed to be a small footprint versatile piece for home gyms, commercial gyms and much more. A simple way to get your belt squats in at a low cost. Belt squats using this product will emphasize legs without the spinal compression that comes along with squats. If you have any upper body injury keeping you from squatting (shoulder, upper back, arm etc.) this is the perfect piece that will allow you to continue to keep you motivated and pushing the needle while staying safe. 




  • weight: 20 lbs
  • 32 in long
  • The weight will sit 15 inches off the ground at the center
  • Best used with 25 lbs plates to not limit the range of motion
  • Includes belt squat belt
  • Made in the USA

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