Some people call a group of lifters a "Crew". Others call the gathering a "Team". Whatever you call your partners in Strength and Conditioning, it's because you all are bonded by a commonality. In this case, the struggle against the weight or whatever you use to condition yourself with.

There is also a bond that is opposed to people leaving the group or even entering it without a proper cause or introduction.

For instance, my 4:30 AM Group doesn't take too kindly to those coming in at even FIVE A.M. God forbid you need to do something and you are late for the start time. Goodness knows the ribbing you'll take, unlike any fraternity pledging.

If you want to hear the never-ending chirping that goes on??? Just take something away from the later groups that the early birds did. The "if I did it, you have to do it" still flys!!!

The moment high schools took out "Two a Day" football practice, those of us that not only went through it and survived, but we also relish in the memories and call those that don't go through it "pussies"!

It made us MENTALLY tough. (a lost art)

I personally STILL enjoy "double session" practices. Do you want to become tougher mentally? I challenge you to do TWO workouts every day for 4 weeks. Making sure ONE of those workouts is done OUTSIDE!

Adversity brings a group even closer together the harder the adverse conditions become.

Don't believe me? Look at the fellas that serve in wartime conditions. I guarantee you that the person next to you is no longer a different skin tone, religious background, political belief, or a host of many other things we complain about. No! The only thing you care about is ..."does this motherfucker have my back?"

By answering "yes" the bond the two or more have become even greater.

Those pressured times serve men well! A lump of coal and only become a diamond when it undergoes severe pressure for an extended period of time!

It also makes us MENTALLY tough. A serious lack of which I have noticed recently.

People give up too easy because of many reasons, but mostly of the bonding that occurs during tough times.

If you were going to do something hard, let's say run a marathon...26 miles and 385 yards is a long time and distance to endure by yourself. BUT...if you have a support system of other runners, it's harder to quit on the group than it is by your lonesome.

There are times I enjoy my "by myself" time while training. But my performance always increases when I'm with the TEAMS.

MY TEAM is better than YOUR TEAM. If that is not YOUR mantra, then you need a better team, crew, or whatever you call them...AND you need to all endure a tough time.

Today's Training:

AirDyne: 30 mins

Bike Commute: 30 mins.

Concept II Row: 5000 meters for the best time

Rear Delt Destroyer: 1x60-40-20x36-28-18

DB Lateral Raise: 4x8

C/S Y's: 3x12

C/S T's: 3x12

OHP: 3x8

Bike Commute: 36 mins. (I had to pay attention to the traffic and there's a wildfire burning making the air difficult to breathe)