Today I have a simple and effective hack on a common Accessory exercise for the Bench Press that builds a bigger bench and a bigger back in one movement. It’s a tweak on the Reverse Band Bench Row that I use to teach a few different things.

As a bonus, it smokes your back in all the right bench press places.

The Reverse Band Bench Row is a fairly common exercise that many use to teach the bench press and also to build it. We all should know a STRONG back is needed for a big bench press, right? The Revere Band Bench Row does the job pretty well, but is there a better way?

I think so in many cases.

The hack I’ll show in the video below will Build a Bigger Bench Press and Back.


Because it makes your back work exactly as it should on the descent of the bench from handoff to lockout. If we can address everything we need with one exercise, why do three of four? Efficiency rules.

Add this hack in as a part of your training and watch your bench go up!

And, read this article that was referenced in the video.

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Vincere vel mori

C.J. Murphy

September 15, 2021

Total Performance Sports