Part III

Train For Mental Toughness by Visualizing.

See yourself in the place you want to be. By using visualization you're training your mind for what is to come.

Whatever goal you’re trying to achieve, visualize yourself persevering, getting over obstacles, shutting out your inner critic, and ignoring the negative stink'n thinkers.

If you “see” yourself overcoming these hurdles beforehand when you actually come across them in real life your mind won’t have to decide at that moment what to do. It will already know to keep going, regardless of circumstances, because that’s what it’s been trained to do.

Today's Training:

AirDyne: 30 mins

Bike Commute: 27 mins

Leg Curl: 3x8

GHR: 3x10

Squat: Work up to a hard 6 reps. Then do three more sets of 6 at that weight

Leg Press: 4x8 with a moderate weight. Live for the singe. Do not lockout or come so far down that the hips tilt into a posterior position.

Dead Lift: 6x5

Bike Commute: 26 mins