By making the pin touch "soundless" the weight has to be controlled eccentrically on today's deadlift. I was really trying to tax everyone's grip today and this was the perfect exercise to accomplish that.

Since the eccentric had to be slowed down, the entire length of the lift per rep was extended. As the weight increased the time under tension from both the time aspect as well as the tension was increased. ice the cake, the DB's used for the Box Step ups also challenged the grip further.


Today's Training:

AirDyne: 30 mins

Bike Commute: 26 mins

Dead Lift:

-Pin Pulls off the #3 hole

-Double overhand; No Hook Grip; No reciprocating grip

-No sound when it touches the pins (so its a slower eccentric)

-6 RM

GHR: 45 reps

12" Box Step Up with Heavy DBs: 4x6 on each leg

Knees to Elbow: 3x15

Lat Pulldown: 4x10

Bicep: 4x10

Tricep: 4x10

Bike Commute: 28 mins