Custom Prowler® 2


This thing is for REAL!

Typically ships within 1-2 weeks.


elitefts Custom Prowler®

Now we can customize your Prowlers® for your school or training center. Even better - have them painted with your rival school's colors!

You can choose one frame color and one color for the skis/posts. Skis and posts are the same color. Product is shown with optional drive pads and horizontal post! Does not come with drive pads shown in picture.

For more color options or more in-depth customization, give us a call at 888-854-8806 or email Matt at

The Prowler® will break down to fit in your trunk or truck bed. Measures 43"x36". Upright pipes are easily removed. Olympic plates not included. This can be used on any surface - grass, concrete, pavement, or artificial turf.

elitefts is not responsible for any damage or wear done on the skis of the Prowler® when pushing on concrete or pavement!

For more ideas on how to implement the Prowler® 2 in your workouts and programming, read:

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