Originally published in 2014


We asked you for your favorite Prowler® workouts and then picked our top-55 favorites.  Feeling frisky? Keep this list handy and choose a different option below every time you push the Prowler®. Feeling conservative? Pick one option below and try to progress in some way over the course of six weeks.  With this list, your Prowler® options are endless.

  1. "The Marathon: start with body weight or more in plates, and go as far as you can. Once you hit the wall, do 20 free-standing body weight squats. Go as far as you can with the Prowler® again and as soon as you stop, do a 40-yard sprint. Repeat 5 times." – Dan Go Hard Ekstrom
  2. "Death Rally: load up the Prowler® with your body weight in plates, then do 20, 20-yard sprints for time. Try not to die." – Daven Williams
  3. "Do 40 yards for 10 trips, while alternating high/low handles with 90 pounds. The hardest part becomes staring at the watch for 5 minutes afterward to see if you survived not getting the Prowler® Flu." – Gerald Santoleri
  4. "I bought one for in our gym to push down our 30-yard walkway. After deadlift day, we add plates every other trip until we can't move it the full 30 yards. Then, we work back down." – Brian Sealock
  5.  "Just push 'til you puke! Do 30-yard sprints on asphalt (down and back). Then, add two more plates and repeat. Continue until vomiting occurs. Then, do at least two more runs!" – Todd Marcoullier
  6. "Just do 10, 40-yard Prowler® sprints. It's all you need." – Levi Taylor
  7. "Pulling my Prowler® with my harness for a straight mile with 150 pounds on it after a squat training session. Awesome and people love to treat you like Rocky as you pass by on the road. Feels better than cake on a cheat day." – Jerome Cook
  8. "Prowler® hill sprint: 40-yard sprint with at least 100 pounds. All low handles. 10-15 reps or until dead." – Ryan Oglevee
  9. "Buddy Runs: sprints using the high handles, with a Prowler® that is loaded with one of your training partners who is encouraging (berating) you to keep your feet moving as fast as possible. Switch pusher/rider after each sprint." – Jon Hayes
  10. "Load it with 45's and push 25 feet. Superset with 10 heavy tire flips, use a 10-minute time cap, and do as many rounds as possible." – Luke Sweet
  11. "Sprint with Prowler® 30 yards each way. Then, add another two plates and do it again. Repeat process 'til projectile vomiting occurs. Then, do two more runs!" – Todd Marcoullier
  12. "Do 4 x 20m Prowler® pushes followed by 20m sled sprints followed by 5 reps each target Turkish get-up (32-pound KB) followed by 5 reps clean and press with a kettlebell (64-pound KB). Take all the equipment to the local park at the weekends." – Mike Heeney
  13.  "At our camp in Afghanistan at 7500 feet, we do Prowler® suicides to simulate pulling/pushing a casualty. The best workout we found is as follows: Load Prowler® with 1 x 45-pound plate, push 25m. Sprint back to start and grab another 45-pound plate and sprint back to Prowler®. Load Prowler® (2 x 45-pound plate) and push 25m. Sprint back to start and grab another 45-pound plate and sprint back to Prowler®. Load Prowler® (3 x 45-pound plate) and push 25m. Sprint back to start and grab another 45-pound plate and sprint back to Prowler®. Load Prowler® (4 x 45-pound plate) and push final 25m. Rest one minute and reverse the process." – Dan Ferriter
  14. "Prowler® Suicides: push the low handle 10 yards, high handles back, low handle 20 yards, high handles back. Fastest time wins."– Pat Lion
  15. Simple and easy – load Prowler® to appropriate weight, depending on the person this could be different, do a 15-yard sprint with the high handles, then jump through the Prowler®, over the low handles, turn around and push back with low handles. Do this at least 10 times, more if you wish. Track times with a stopwatch for best results." – Jonathon Leitch
  16. "I strap my son in the harness and he pulls 2 x 20 yards each to finish his workouts. Then, he hops on the back and makes me pull him around." – Grant Christiansen
  17. "Get three or four people together and use somewhere between 90 and 180 pounds. Push 80 feet, run back and do 10 sledge swings per arm. Do these 'Indian Style' for 10 rounds. So basically the Prowler® and sledge never stop swinging." – Bryan Benzel
  18. "3 x Giant Set: 40-yard chest press, 40-yard row, 20-yard reverse fly, 20 pull-throughs. Finish with 5 x 20 yard pushes with as much weight as possible. I wrote an article for SCJ (this month's issue) on the benefits of using a sled – using the Econo Prowler® as an example." – Nathaniel Jenkins
  19. " First, load it. Push until you can't anymore. Wait until breath returns. Repeat 2 and 3 a few times. Turn Prowler® around, repeat 2 and 3 until home. Additional benefit is that if I do this at 5:30AM – I get to piss off the neighbors with their perfectly manicured lawn." – Jason Beaudoin
  20. "To date, the nastiest Prowler® session I inflicted on myself: Post ME upper. 160 feet there and back with 90 pounds on Prowler® 2. Rest one minute followed by Prowler® Shotguns for 20 reps with the low handle, 20 reps with the mid-high parallel bars. Then, rest one minute followed by 160 feet there and back again. Rest one minute followed by the Prowler® with a 50 foot rope row for two lengths. Go right into Prowler® shotguns back to start 15 reps! Rest one minute and unclip rope, then repeat attempted, but fail due to spins. Managed to get into my studio gym bathroom and ended up on the nice cold ceramic tile floor stripped down to boxers. I laid there for an hour on the verge of projectile Prowler® flu contemplating 'why?' LoL!" – Michael Arthur Guerra
  21. "Do hand-over-hand uphill pulls – 4 sets x 125 pounds. Do backward and forward drags – 4 sets x 180 pounds. Tennis shoe blow-out pushes, 4 sets of pyramid sets increasing to over 500 pounds for 20 yards." – Charles Gardner
  22. "Ladder at 20, 40, 80, 100 yards. Two to three ladders." – Steve Bogle
  23. "40 yard on-the-minute sprints with 50-60 percent of body weight. The faster you push, the longer you get to rest. 8-10 repeats for a finisher." – Jenica Allen
  24. "40 yards each way with a group of three. Everyone gets a turn each trip. Load one plate each side: and go down and back. Then, add 25's to each side: down and back, 25's off plate on: down and back. Rinse repeat until someone passes out, pukes or dies. First one to quit has to put all the gear away, and gets made fun of mercilessly until we do it all again and someone else quits first." – John J Brooks
  25. "I use it to take my full body GPP to another level: High parallel bars for 100 feet, Mid -horizontal bar for 50 feet, Low-horizontal bar 50 feet, Pull back (Prowler® in front of you) with straps for 25 feet, and Chest push (Prowler® behind) with straps 25 feet. As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes. When using the straps, I like to use soft D cable attachments, then grab one with each hand, stand in between the two straps, and push or pull." – Bryan Stellfox
  26.  "We have our wrestlers use it to perform their step-knee-step technique, so they will build explosive power when they shoot their double legs." – Eric Semifero
  27.  "Attach a long rope to the Prowler®, push it 40 yards, sprint back and then pull it to you. Repeat. " – Max Keirn-Whiting
  28. "Favorite Prowler® workout so far: use the Econo Prowler® and load 45's on each side. Do 30-yard sprints on asphalt for however long it takes to get to 100 total. Did it this past Saturday for charity. Took me right at two hours and I raised $2,800 for a local teen with cancer. I'll send y'all the video when I get it fully edited." – David Allen
  29. "Prowler® Marathon: the day I received my Prowler®, I put 90 pounds on it and pushed it a half mile lap in my neighborhood. It took me 75 minutes!" – Zach Rounsaville
  30. "Eight person workout. Place keg on Prowler® and have two people push the Prowler® for 25 meters. Each person drinks a beer. Rotate to next pair and repeat. Works best with rugby forwards." – Matthew Stafford
  31. "Prowler® shuttle on thick turf (weight dependent on individual, usually 25-45 pounds per side): 5 yards high, bring back 5 yards low, 10 yards high, bring back 10 yards low, 20 yards high, bring back 20 yards low, and Puke. Do this five times if still able to move." – Zach Blanton
  32. "This winter I have been pushing it on a back road overlooking Frenchman's Bay and Mt. Desert Island. The road is layered with sand and salt from the winter and it makes a horrific noise, but the view is unequaled. 20 trips of 40 yards or so." – Lucy Unger
  33. "Prowler® 20 yard shuttle runs x 315 back squat for eight rounds." – Davin Cronquist
  34. "Walk with a Prowler® for 40 yards, choose a weight that is reasonably light/can keep constant speed while walking – like 90 pounds – follow this by 40 yards of walking lunges, followed by 40 yards of walking with the Prowler®, followed by 20 goblet box squats, followed by 40 yards of walking with Prowler®, followed by 20 dumbbell or kettlebell swings, followed by 40 yards walking, followed by 20 bodyweight squats (by this point even bodyweight squats suck) and lastly followed by a 40-yard sprint with the Prowler®. I use this for helping increase GPP and when I need to lean down a bit so I can make weight." – Ty Hamilton
  35. "Prowler® mile around an old track Indian run style. One guy pushes his turn, goes to the back of the line and jogs with the team until it is his turn again until a mile is completed." – Sam Luker
  36. "Where I work, the main police station has a parking ramp inclined at 45 degrees. I put two 45-pound plates and push it up and pull it down walking backwards for 5 trips with the Prowler®, working to do 10. Then, I run with a 50-pound weighted vest, make five trips, then walk five more. I do this after-hours though, because other cops see this and think this isn't 'normal' which scars me because they have guns. Thank goodness they can't shoot straight." – Jimmy Jam
  37. "With 100 pounds, push 10 yards, then pull 10 yards for 3-5 sets between regular lifting sets." – Carl Reinhardt
  38. "Heavy upright Prowler® drags down. Backward Prowler® drags back. Distance is about 30 yards, 3-6 sets, weight is as heavy as humanly possible." – Cj Appenzeller
  39. "100kg - 0kg challenge. 25m low handle, 25m high handle. 100kg there and back, 90 there and back, 80,70,60,50,40,30,20,10,0. Total of 22 lengths for time. Quickest time was 10.21, slowest was 25.31! And you have to remove your own weights. Hahahaha!" – David Cross
  40. "Prowler® Mile: I used the turf in the gym which is 15 yards and went down and back with 90 pounds on the Prowler® for a total of 60 laps or 1,800 yards. It took me 76 minutes for the mile and 32 minutes for a half mile." – Ben Podbielski
  41. "Steep incline hill pushes: 10 sets. On the first set, try and beat prior week's first set and total time for all 10 sets should be tried to beat from each week. Add 25 pounds to each set." – Joshua Harvey
  42. "40-yard harness pulls, adding plates every two pulls until you get up to a max pull. Great for truck pull training -- adding an arm-over-arm rope is great, too." – Keith Thompson
  43. "20 yard pushes x 8. 40 yard pulls x 4. Tug of war with 2" x 50' rope x 5. Push and release 8 x 4." – Jay Kearney
  44. "Hook the ropes on the Prowler® and add however much weight you want. Do the ropes for one minute, 15 seconds of slams, alternating, inside out circles, and jumping jacks. Then push the Prowler® 30-40 yards and pull it backward from the ropes." – Matt Johnston
  45. "My training partners and I coin our most brutal prowler® workout as "The Masochistic Mile." It consists of the four of us with three stations going one mile around the neighborhood. Here are the stations that we rotate: Load the Prowler® with 180 pounds, 55-pound kettlebell farmers walk with the Fat GripzHolding the Swiss bar overhead, Everyone stays on pace with the person pushing the Prowler®, with the fourth person resting. The pusher goes to rest after his bout and we rotate accordingly." – Evan Wehner
  46. "Five rounds for time: 5 tire flips, 25 sledgehammer swings each side, 25 burpees, and 40-yard Prowler® push." – Jim Stone
  47. "As a legitimate Prowler® workout and not as a finisher: Backward Sled Drags (40 yards) x 2, Forward Sled Drags (40 yards) x 2, Reverse Fly x 15 reps, Forward Sled Fly x 15 reps, Prowler® Hi/Lo x 4 - Finisher" – Miguel Aragoncillo
  48. "A. 4 x 40 sprint with 1pps B. 4 x 25 heavy drags 3-4pps with spud strap C. 4 x 40 low handle with 150 pounds no stopping." – David Terry
  49. "I put a board on mine so it can hold my sandbag loaded at 105 pounds. Sprint about 30-40 yds (width of cul de sac) take off sandbag and do 5 sandbag clean and press, minute rest, load sandbag on Prowler® and sprint back, 5 sandbag front squats, repeat for 20 minutes." – Brandon McElroy
  50. "30-yard push with 270 pounds, 20 Prowler® jump-overs. Repeat four times." – Andy Sedar
  51. "I hook a light band around my waist and use it like a jammer. I start with a little tension on the band, take a penetration step, and push it as far as possible. The weight added to the Prowler® is 50% of the person's body weight." – Ryan Carranza
  52. "40 yard pushes. On the clock. One every two minutes. Alternate high/low drive. Complete 6 reps loaded 100 percent of your body weight. 6 Reps 50 percent of your body weight. 6 reps 25 percent of your body weight." – Kevin Doak Wisham
  53. "Sitting hand-over-hand rope pull for 40 yards, then immediately pushing it back 40 yards." – Mike Mangione
  54. "As a finisher, do Prowler® suicides. 10 yards down, 10 yards back, 20 down, 20 back, 30 down, 30 back. And do two or three sets." – Jordy Anderson

...and our favorite...

55. "Prowler® Suicides: start with an empty Prowler® and go down and back 50 yards. Add 2 plates, go 40 yards. Add two 25s, go 30 yards. Move up to 2 plates a side and go 20 yards. Add two 25s and go 10 yards. NOW...repeat the process, but go backward, work down in weight, but longer distance. You will not be able to walk. Mind you, these are done at a fast pace...no walking!" – Josh White