YES, you can CUSTOMIZE the Signature LEG EXT/CURL! As always, this rugged, overbuilt piece of equipment can have your customized logo and colors, promoting your individual brand! Call one of our Strength Equipment Specialists for options and price. 888-854-8806 

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elitefts™ Signature Leg Ext/Curl - Plate Loaded with Adjustable Main Pad & Logo Panel

Nothing is more integral to strength than a strong posterior chain, and you need hamstrings of steel as part of that package. Of course, you can’t forget your quad sweep because it’s a hallmark of a well-developed, well-balanced physique. Need the ability to hit both quads and hamstrings in one superior machine? Who’s going to say no to two in one? Enter one of the newest additions to our equipment lineup—both a leg extension and curl machine, this piece is plate-loaded, versatile, and adjustable for variations of hamstring and quad-loading that will mix up your leg accessory game to the max. With band pegs that allow you to create added, targeted resistance, this smooth machine comes with several pad adjustments that will give you even more control over how you perform hamstring work. A bent-over pad option is great for those looking to work towards bodybuilding goals, the neutral position is an excellent variation for targeting hamstring engagement as relates to the squat and deadlift, and the incline position allows for isometric contraction of the lower back, taking it out of the movement entirely and leaving your hamstrings no choice but to be obliterated when you use this machine.

Removable pads on this machine further contribute to your ability to choose exactly how you use it and exactly what is targeted. Keep your legs strong and your lifts strong—this machine won’t fail, but you might.



  • 2x2 & 2x3 clear coat steel
  • Black Grip Pad
  • 72"L x 28"W
  • Adjustable Pad
  • Logo Panel
  • Band Pegs
  • Made in the USA




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