In episode 115 of Dave Tate's Table Talk, Dave opens the flood gates to answer YOUR questions that you asked on his Instagram page: @underthebar. Dave covers a wide variety of topics relating to powerlifting (all levels), strength training, programming, recovery, business, motivation, Westside, nutrition, and more!

Some questions Dave will be addressing are:

+Do max effort days need to change at all on a cut?

+Can you give me programming tips using the SS Yoke Bar while recovering from shoulder surgery?

+What's the plan of attack to obtain most gains out of only strength training due to work or other time commitments?

+Where is Sam Brown? Is he leaving elitefts?

+Who was your most helpful gym partner throughout your lifting career?

+What are your favorite lifts for max effort upper?

+What was the most effective method for your bench press missing at the mid to top area? Did you ever have that issue?

About the Host

Dave Tate is the founder and co-owner of He is the author of twenty books and has logged more than 40,000 hours of training and consulting. Dave is married to elitefts co-owner Traci Arnold-Tate, and they reside in London, Ohio, with their two sons. Personal Credo: Live, Learn, Pass on™.

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