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Dave Hoff takes a seat in this 152nd podcast episode of Dave Tate's Table Talk.

Dave Hoff holds the all-time highest powerlifting total—dominating multi-ply for over a decade. As a five-time World Powerlifting Organization (WPO) champion, his best multi-ply lifts include a 1273-pound squat, a 1047-pound bench, and an 826-pound deadlift, for a total of 3103 pounds. Featured in the Westside vs The World documentary, Dave was a member of Westside Barbell.  

In this episode, Hoff will discuss his recent 5th WPO championship, where he squatted 1234.5 pounds, benched 975.5 pounds, and deadlifted 810.1 pounds—the second-highest total of all time (3020.1), weighing 289 pounds.

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Dave Tate is the founder and co-owner of elitefts.com. He is the author of twenty books and has logged more than 40,000 hours of training and consulting. Dave is married to elitefts co-owner Traci Arnold-Tate, and they reside in London, Ohio, with their two sons. Personal Credo: Live, Learn, Pass on™.

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