Members of The Table Talk Crew Brad Lewis, Cody Ritchey, and Tom Smith take a seat in this 220th podcast episode of Dave Tate's Table Talk. As we embark on the FIRST Table Talk Crew Training Retreat this weekend, we're kicking off the party at the table. 

Brad Lewis is a dad, Firefighter/Paramedic, and strength enthusiast from central Ohio. In his personal life Brad volunteers with his child’s school and travels the Midwest competing in Highland Games, Powerlifting, and Strongman. Professionally Brad has worked in public safety for twenty years and has a passion for Tactical Medicine and Technical Rescue. Believing in a Blue collar approach to strength Brad enjoys helping other firefighters, police officers, and athletes get stronger. 

Cody Ritchey has been active in weightlifting since 17. In 2019, his focus moved to powerlifting, and he began competing in 2020 in the Southern Powerlifting Federation (SPF)—he added 200 pounds to his total in the first year of competing. 

After the first year, Cody injured his back, rehabbing appropriately with the help and coaching of Brian Carroll. He attended SWIS last year, along with taking the CPPS course offered at elitefts. 

Cody is part of the powerlifting team, Kratos Barbell. He is in the process of purchasing the SPF and will be the official president starting January 1st, 2024. 

Tom Smith has been involved with the sport of powerlifting for over 15 years. He began competing as a teenager and has lifted as an equipped bench presser and raw full power athlete. Tom is the active and founding principal of an online public school. He holds a Masters Degree in Organizational Leadership and Change and is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach. He is passionate about sharing the impact strength training can have on one’s life. 

Tom has coached high school athletes, is a Special Olympics- Powerlifting volunteer, and is launching his strength coaching application Principled Strength, in December of 2023. Tom grew up outside of Pittsburgh, in Meyersdale, Pennsylvania, and currently resides in Colorado with his wife.

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Dave Tate is the founder and co-owner of He is the author of twenty books and has logged more than 40,000 hours of training and consulting. Dave is married to elitefts co-owner Traci Arnold-Tate, and they reside in London, Ohio, with their two sons. Personal Credo: Live, Learn, Pass on™.

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