In this 266th podcast episode of Dave Tate's Table Talk, Chris McGrail takes a seat.

Chris McGrail is a 45-year-old former athlete from Staten Island, New York, with a diverse background in sports and a distinguished military career. He found his athletic calling in track and field, becoming a city champion in long jump and triple jump. McGrail's athletic journey led him to the United States Military Academy at West Point after high school, where an injury diverted his path from track to powerlifting.

Graduating from West Point with degrees in Engineering Management and Mechanical Engineering, McGrail also became a certified Army Master Fitness Trainer. His military service took him to Fort Benning and into the heart of combat during the Iraq invasion in 2003, where his service earned him the Bronze Star and Presidential Unit Citation. The aftermath of war left him with PTSD and severe health challenges, but also fueled his success in powerlifting.

With over 20 years as a strength coach and 24 years of competing in powerlifting, McGrail has coached soldiers and elite athletes, achieving significant success as an athlete himself, setting numerous records and winning gold medals. Despite medical setbacks and a warning from a surgeon that he would never lift again, McGrail defied the odds, continuing to compete at high levels and setting ambitious goals.

Holding a Master of Science in Sport and Fitness and an MBA, his career includes roles in sports promotion and management, and he is currently the Utah State Chairman for the USPA. McGrail has directed national and world championship powerlifting meets and maintains a limited client roster for training due to his commitments as a father, husband, business owner, and advocate for using powerlifting to overcome PTSD. He is also an executive at a protein supplement company. 

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