In this 280th podcast episode of Dave Tate's Table Talk, John and Renee Jewett take a seat.

John Jewett is a registered dietitian as well as an IFBB pro bodybuilder.

He operates J3 University, an education and coaching platform designed to elevate the physique and fitness industry. 

J3 University covers all facets of male and female physique education in nutrition, training, and supplementation to learn to self-coach and/or coach others up to the highest level possible. 

His business also entails coaching competitors from all levels, reaching up to IFBB Pro Olympians.

John’s education includes a Masters of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics. 

John’s personal bodybuilding endeavors have led him to being a 3-time IFBB 212 Olympian, with a best placing of 4th.

John leverages experience, education, and scientific knowledge to empower physique athletes with an approach structured in science and honed from experience.

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Renee, a proud Hawaiian native, was brought up in a remote area of the Big Island, where basic amenities like water and electricity were scarce. This environment instilled in her a deep appreciation for life's simple pleasures, taught her the value of hard work for achieving goals, and ignited her creativity from a young age.

Her passion for self-expression blossomed through drawing, painting, and cosplay. Alongside her artistic pursuits, Renee excels in bodybuilding, earning the prestigious NPC North Americans Pro card in 2020 and winning the IFBB Tampa Pro in 2021.

Debuting at the 2021 IFBB Olympia as one of the first Wellness Olympians, Renee continues to soar in her athletic career. As a proud Animal sponsored athlete since 2020, she balances her pursuits with administrative support at J3 University, fostering an environment for learning and growth.

Renee inspires others to chase their dreams relentlessly, proving that with hard work, anything is possible.

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In a three-decade Strength & Conditioning career, Dave 'Under The Bar' Tate dedicated 40,000+ hours to training and consulting. Beyond the gym, he's a prolific speaker, authoring 20 books and contributing 2000+ articles to magazines and esteemed websites.

As a powerhouse powerlifter (1983-2004), Dave achieved elite rankings. Beyond professional success, he shares life with Traci Arnold-Tate, elitefts co-founder, in London, Ohio, raising their two sons.

Dave's community commitment shines in his credo: Live, Learn, Pass on™ – a legacy of knowledge and inspiration shared with the strength and conditioning world.

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