We never imagined we would be in the situation we are now. And yet here we are. “Wish we had ordered that equipment for the garage years ago.” I guarantee almost every lifter or fitness person out there has thought about getting more at-home equipment. And yet they didn't because they “have their gym”.

Until “your gym” closes their doors.

We don't realize that even when we aren't quarantined, even after this has long passed us, gyms re-open and we go back to normalcy, there are always moments when having something at home is helpful. For when your kid has a 102-degree fever and is passed out on the couch for days on end. For when the snowstorm that they didn't predict falls in less than 24 hours. There are always scenarios when getting in a workout at home would be helpful.

Now is your chance. Here are three things I'd get if I were you:

1. 5 Rings Barbell

Even if you're not a powerlifter or bodybuilder, this is probably the best piece of equipment you can own. The 5 Rings Barbell will allow you to load more than dumbbells and give you SO many more options. While you won't be able to squat 500 pounds without a rack, you can still do many types of squats. You can lunge, step-up, deadlift, stiff-leg deadlift, row, and overhead press with it. And those are just the basics! Add in some Meadows rows, landmine rotational abs and presses, curls, skullcrushers, ab rollouts, the list is endless. In this video I am making squats harder by doing 1.5 reps.

2. Plates and Weights

Get a set of weights so you can load more than 45 pounds. Load your rows and presses and lunges with more weight. You can even do curls with 25-pound plates! How about overhead lunges, front raises, and abs with plates?

3. Bands 

These are the icing on the cake, in my opinion. You can do almost all your accessory work with bands or add more tension to your barbell work. Bands are great for small and big movements and can really tax the muscle in a different way than straight weight.

Try this lower body workout:

    • Band Glute Bridge with Abduction 3x10
    • Single Leg Glute Bridge with Knee Up 3x10
    • Banded Squat 4x15
    • Lunges with Band on Outside Knee 4x10
    • Single Leg RDL with Band On Outside Knee 4x10
    • Band Sumo Deadlift 3x15-20
    • Dead Bugs 3x8

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