On October 31, 2018, we welcomed our fourth child into this world. Anyone reading this who has a child or plans to have a child should pay close attention. These items are not only great for lifting but are a must for surviving those first few months with your newborn.

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With Christmas just around the corner and elitefts.com having some great sales, now is the best time to stock up. Here is a surefire way to pass the “beast mode” and “savagery” onto your newborn. Here are my top five go-to’s for ensuring that all of my children are NFL first-round draft picks.


1. elitefts Stamped Leather Lifting Straps

Let me start off by saying that I am not a big believer in using straps. I seldom wore them when I was powerlifting. And I don’t have my clients use them much, either. There were a couple of exceptions, such as heavy-as-hell shrugs and deadlifts, where your grip would give out. These straps are some of the best ones in the market and are built to last. They can also be used to hang onto your newborn while you are busy with chores or are watching TV, resting the legs from a heavy squat day. Rest assured that your youngster won’t be going anywhere. No grip or chalk needed with these babies (no pun intended). What’s even better is that most doctors say that skin-to-skin contact is important for newborns. The leather feel of these straps is so comfortable that the baby won’t know the difference. Attaching these straps to your baby ensures that he or she will not only be close to you but also will be super comfortable with the leather-to-skin contact.

2. elitefts Glute/Ham Roller

This new piece of equipment targets the almighty backside, AKA “The Posterior Chain.” Waking up at night with a Charlie horse on both hamstrings is guaranteed for most using this bad boy, but it’s worth it. I mean, strong hamstrings equal strong squats and deads, right? But it can double up as something even better: a baby glider! Setting your newborn on this device and sliding him or her back and forth for 10-15 minutes is a great protocol for some GPP. This will help you to burn some holiday calories and help the newborn to fall asleep while engaging and activating his or her “core.”

3. Nose Tork

This is a staple and a must for almost every powerlifter. Most have at least a bottle or two with them at all times. Not only can one take a huge whiff before every single damn lift and post a video on Instagram but also it works “behind the scenes.” When there are no cameras present immediately before you step on the platform during a meet, it actually works great as well. Who would have thought? Most know that with a newborn, sleep is non-existent, so having the Nose Tork by the bedside is crucial. When the crying begins and the anger kicks in, instead of being a zombie while feeding and changing the diaper, take a huge whiff of the Nose Tork and be good to go—WIDE AWAKE!!!!!!!! BEASTMODE. THAT DIAPER WON'T BUDGE NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS INSIDE THERE THE NEXT FEW HOURS.

4. elitefts Box Squat Box Pad

When I was lifting both raw and geared, I did box squats all the time. My raw squat was around 900 pounds, and my geared squat was around 1100 pounds. This box pad worked great for that soft feel on both the downward and upward phases (eccentric and concentric phases). Nowadays, with all of the savages claiming that box squats don’t work, I thought, what a great time to talk about another use for the pad. I decided to take this pad home and make it into my newborn’s new bassinet/sleeping mattress mockup. If it was super firm and comfortable for me when I was more than 300 pounds, it would be great for an 8-pound baby, right??

5. elitefts Leather Wallet

Being a dad for the past 17 years, I used to run through wallets every 5-6 months. Until I bought this one from elitefts. It is a tank. Other ones I had in the past were cheaply made and just wore out and broke down. I have had this one a while, and it is definitely built to last, unlike some of these “poppie wallets,” as Donnie Thompson would say. After having a baby, most people get gifts from family and friends. For our newborn, this holds true, as we have received a lot of gift cards as a congrats. The elitefts wallet has plenty of room for all of them, as well as the cash I don’t have. The an takes a beating every day from my numerous trips to the store for diapers and other essentials for the baby. So, guys, get rid of that George Constanza Wallet and grab one that can fit everything all while looking badass!!!!


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