You're going to want to bookmark this page and come back to it next week. When the excitement of the expo wears off and you're waiting for something more fun than arm wrestling to appear on the main stage, come back to this page and get started on the elitefts Arnold Bingo.

Here's how it works:

  • When you find an item on the list, take a photo of it and post to Instagram or Twitter.
  • With every photo you post or tweet as part of the bingo, use the hashtags #elitefts and #arnoldbingo.
  • When you finish a row or a column, on the final photo use the hashtags #elitefts, #arnoldbingo, and #complete.

After the Arnold Sports Festival ends, we will aggregate the hashtags to find who took part in the bingo. From those who complete a row or column, we will select three winners to each receive $100 gift cards for

Winners will be announced Wednesday, March 9 on our website and social media platforms.

The greater the number of rows and columns you complete, the greater your chance of winning. For bonus points, take a photo of yourself in the photo with the item on the bingo you find (just try not to get caught posing next to a nipple hard-on).

Now, onto the fun...


Fake Boobs — Yes, you are going to see MANY of these. Don’t get too excited yet, because this is probably the best thing you’ll see all day. Even if you’re a woman, I regret to inform you that this is still probably still the best thing you’ll see all day, next to some bodybuilders. Remember this: they are not fake if you can touch them.

Synthol — Synthol is to muscles as strap-ons are to penises.

Beastly Chick — There are many of these, and most of them will be walking hand-in-hand with their George Costanza-looking boyfriends/husbands. They usually have the same hair lines.

Zit/Boil the Size of a Nickel — The Arnold is known for two things: the largest gathering of people that are unable to procreate, and large, alien-like pustules. If the urge to squeeze a white head becomes unbearable, wear gloves.

Old Man Hitting on a Hot Fitness Model — Good for him. Tell him to make sure she signs a prenup.

Guy With Shirt Off — At the Arnold, they’re usually the fattest most unattractive guys and smell like body odor. If you don't see them, you'll smell them.

Girl in Heels and Bikini – Are they strippers? Are they trying to sell you whey protein? Doesn't matter; both will empty your wallet with little in return.

Bitch Tit — These will range from C to the more common DD cups. At least they know their stuff is working.

Anadrol Bloat Face — These guys deserve a little respect for not hiding their love of anabolics. There are many groups of lifters out there that like to downplay their use. These guys usually walk around out of breath, tons of zits, moon faced and with blood pressure in the 200/180 range…yet claim to be taking only 250mg/ml a week of test and one dianabol tab a day.

Nipple Hard-On — On a girl, it can be attractive. On a guy, it usually means his areolas are larger than pepperoni.

Boots with Shorts — These were ruined by rappers years ago, but you shouldn't have any problem finding them at the Arnold.

ILS (Imaginary Lat Syndrome) — To those who always carry luggage: put it down and do some deadlifts and chin-ups.

Men’s Hair Highlights — The best version of this is the bright-blond platinum look on a skinny guy wearing short shorts. All highlights qualify.

YouTube Guru — Our only request is that you don't let the guru see you when you take the photo. They don't need any more fuel for their ego.

Big Beard — The shaved-head, long-beard powerlifter look doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon. These men will usually come in groups of three and occasionally reach into the pockets for beard conditioning gel.

Bright Shoes  — Blue, yellow, purple, pink, orange; usually accompanied by a pair of knee-length socks with a motivational slogan down the shin.

Selfie Stick — The socially awkward basement-dwellers that haven't left their home (or their mother's home) in years don't want to ask a passerby to take their photo with the bodybuilder at the booth. This is their solution. Same photo, less social interaction.

Flexed Biceps — The smaller the biceps the better the photo.

Bacon Face — Almost every year in the expo there is a booth that will spray tan you on the spot. People strip naked right on the convention center floor and say goodbye to pale white thighs. This is where you'll find the bacon face — the crispy brown look of too much fake tan.

Tribal Tattoo — It used to be barbed wire around the biceps and now it's tribal tattoos on the shoulder. This might look cool for Vernon Davis, but you aren't Vernon Davis.

Chicken Breast (Tupperware Meal) — Nothing says "I'm dedicated to this shit" like carrying around tupperware full of dry, bland chicken.

Photo with elitefts Team Member or Alumni — They're going to be all over the festival and many are competing at the XPC Finals on both Friday and Saturday. They won't be hard to find.

Distended Abs — This one may be too easy if you're hanging out near the main stage. The pregnant-but-shredded look will be hard to notice from the front, but if you can get a side shot, you'll witness the turtle shell in all it's glory. Bonus if you can find real ab implants. 

Drawstring Sample Bag — These bags have been big at the expo for years now. You can be sure that at least one booth is giving out branded drawstring bags. Worn on the back or carried like a purse in one hand — either will work.