elitefts™ Sunday Edition

When Pumping Iron hit America in 1977, it became the pinnacle of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s revolution of the bodybuilding world.  Without it, and its star, bodybuilding would never have extended to such a wide audience and grown into the mega-industry that it is today. It glorified the muscle of professional bodybuilders, the imposing confidence of Schwarzenegger, and the on-going party of Muscle Beach, California. It is an era of bodybuilding lore that stretches well beyond the generations that were alive to experience it.

Now, Orlando Barbell has teamed with Nebula Productions to produce Behind the Iron, a full-length film to revolutionize powerlifting in the same effort that Pumping Iron did for Schwarzenegger’s Golden Era of Bodybuilding. The documentary seeks to bring powerlifting to those outside of its niche circle and offer an alternative perspective to a sport surrounded by stereotypes.

“The main purpose of the film [is to] break this stereotype of powerlifters [as] a bunch of jackasses [and] a bunch of meatheads,” Executive Producer Tyler Marino said. “They’re some of the most compassionate and friendly groups of guys you will ever meet.”