Hey guys, I have a little check-in here with some new coaching content for you! I'll continue to post highlights here, but please make sure to follow me on YouTube so you don't miss out on future videos.

Rowing For Size

Meadows Rows have been a staple in my back training, but I find that I can make them more effective by adding Elitefts bands to emphasize the end range. Be careful with this! You need to protract your scapula at the start of the movement and retract at the end in order to take advantage of the accommodating resistance and fully involve both the lats and upper back musculature.

Sumo Deadlift Setup Tips

Coach Amber has some setup tips that can help if you find yourself using too much back on your sumo pull:

  1. Set up with the bar over your midfoot.
  2. Load the quads by pushing the knees forward WHILE maintaining tension in the posterior chain. If you lose tightness in the glutes, hamstrings or adductors, you've gone too far.
  3. Hinge back to allow yourself to grab the bar, still maintaining that tightness in the lower body.

A Quick Shoulder Fix for Bench & Deadlift

Lastly, if you have trouble externally rotating on your main lifts, give this quick drill a try: