For over fifteen years now, elitefts™ has been preaching, and living, the virtues of integrity and honesty when it comes to our business dealings and everything else. Over the years, tens of thousands of customers, clients, and readers have come to understand the true meaning of our company’s mission statement: To live, learn and pass on.

Note here that the first verb in this mission statement is the word “live.” When you’re living, you’re talking about the present, not the past. And it’s in this vein that we’re constantly looking for the future.

The fitness and strength and conditioning industries are hypercompetitive ones, and although elitefts™ has been perched at the absolute vanguard of both in terms of product development and sales for the past decade-and-a-half, it’s no secret to us that in order to stay competitive, we need to live in the present, plan for the future, and continue learning.

Beginning in mid-January, I rolled out an initiative designed to improve all of the companies processes across the board. Right now, this plan is primarily an internal one, but you’ll be seeing the results of this work throughout the coming months.

For fifteen years, we’ve done things the elitefts™ way, and it’s worked for us. This company started, as the story goes, as a second business in a spare bedroom. From there’s we’ve evolved into the premier equipment sales company in the world, and you’ll find our products in high-school, college, professional, Olympic, and private weight rooms throughout the world.

Survival in this industry involves a certain degree of reading of the tealeaves in terms of marketing dynamics and customer demand. Fail to pay attention to either of these tenets, and you’ll go nowhere fast.

At elitefts™ we’re paying attention to the market, and we’re paying attention to you. We have to, because you’re the people keeping our lights on every day. As a result, every department in the company—from marketing, to purchasing, to content—has been tasked with deliverables tied directly into our mission to improve every process of our business.

These deliverables pertain to everything you could possibly imagine, and they affect every member of our staff, our sponsored athletes, our columnists, and everyone else affiliated with the company.

What will this mean for you?

Over the next several months, you’ll experience a variety of things when you visit our site or do business with elitefts™. Our process improvement mission will provide you with better customer service, better availability, several exciting new products, even better education and content, a new level of research and development, and more competitive pricing.


Live, Learn, Pass On

Dave Tate , Founder Inc