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The Elitefts™ Sports Performance Coach Education Series is a comprehensive educational resource for coaches in the collegiate, high school, professional, and private settings. This series will take a fundamental approach to various topics that will enable coaches the additional skills to enhance their coaching abilities, improve marketability in the industry, and drastically increase the impact they have upon their athletes.


This presentation was inspired by a coaching log I had written a while back entitled, Are You Just Winging It? 4 Ways to Improve Your Training Session. Here is an excerpt from that log. The video that follows will give coaches tips on how to make the most of their training sessions.

Developmentally Appropriate Practice

Where do coaches go wrong? When they treat training sessions as something less than an opportunity to teach, motivate, and evaluate. There is a four-step process that can help coaches  ensure their sessions are meaningful and not merely getting the team in-and-out of the weight room.

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 3.45.30 PMThis circular model can be easily utilized in any coaching setting. It can also be said that this pattern can flow in both directions. Most importantly it is a model with no clear beginning or end and is by no means linear. This four-step process involves objectives, planning, instruction, and evaluation.

Presentation Outline


What are your expectations?

  1. Technical Goals
  2. Performance Goals
  3. Tempo Goals


How much effort do you spend on planning?

  1. Set-Up
  2. Assignments
  3. Competition


Bring the 5 Es

  1. Create the Environment
  2. Be an Example
  3. Communicate Expectations
  4. Depend on your Experience
  5. Bring Energy

Level Series


  1. Screens
  2. Assessments
  3. Performance Testing
  4. Standards

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Articles and Coaching Log

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