elitefts Heads Home for the Holidays

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This will be the 21st Christmas letter I have written. There is no doubt of the gratitude I have for all of you and the support given to elitefts.com over the years.

We now have thousands of free articles, a database of over 1 million Q&As, thousands of videos, and a base of educational content spanning over two decades.

This year, I am taking a different direction with this letter and am using it to inform you of what we will be doing for our staff this holiday season. We let everyone go home early after our holiday party on the 21st and do not want to see them again until the 26th. We do not want them working this weekend and definitely do not want them working Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

Without our staff, we can't do any of the things you see from elitefts. They are elitefts.com, Inc., and we don't make memes about putting them first; we do it — even when we know this will result in a downtick of sales and orders being delayed.


We are a small family-owned business, and I know full well the costs of doing this but will happily do so as the holidays are to be spent with close family and friends — not working!

With this in mind, please be patient. All orders placed after 5 p.m. December 21st will not ship until December 26th.

To thank you for your patience, all orders placed between those dates will include a gift package from us. We are not 100 percent sure what this will be yet, but it will not be a sticker and keychain. We are thinking more along the lines of the limited-edition Someday I Will Poster, Wrist and/or Knee Wraps, Straps, and whatever else we can find.

We thank you for your patience and wish you all a happy, safe, and strong holiday season.

Live, learn, and pass on,

Dave Tate


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