Elitefts™ Director of Education Mark Watts along with Alex Coleman take you through a short complex for intermediate athletes to develop jumping ability and linear speed using elitefts™ mini-bands and PowerMax Versa hurdles.

Using bands for jump training should be reserved for the athletes that are proficient in landing mechanics, have the necessary strength levels to produce force against the ground, and have a solid training background with experience in jump training and plyometircs.

Plyometric Sprint Circuit

  1. Using an elitefts mini-band worn like a back back, the athlete will execute 3 vertical jumps
  2. The athlete will then execute 3 tuck jumps over hurdles
  3. After the last hurdle, the athlete will then sprint 5-20 yards

Coaching Cues

  • Resisted Vertical Jump: Throw the hands down
  • Tuck Jumps: Bounce off the Ground
  • Sprint: Reposition the feet to gain a good shin angle

Mistakes to Avoid

  • Vertical Jump: Knee Valgus: migrating forward
  • Tuck Jumps: elongated ground contact time, unilateral imbalances
  • Sprint: Shortend steps, poor forward lean

Disclaimer: If an athlete does not have the neurological control, eccentric strength, or training age to perform jumps and plyometrics effectively; by all means, DO NOT add band resistance.

elitefts™ min-bands

PowerMax Versa Hurdles