Elitefts™ Mid Back Hybrid Movement (Upper Spinal Erectors)

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elitefts™ Founder and CEO Dave Tate explains a variation of the SS Yoke Bar Upper Bake Good Morning, which primarily targets the upper spinal erectors, as performed by elitefts™ Advisor and creator of Mountain Dog Training John Meadows. The hybrid movement is a great alternative for someone who does not have access to a SS Yoke Bar or someone looking for a safer alternative. This would be a great introductory exercise to perform before attempting the SS Yoke Bar Upper Back Good Morning as it helps the lifter contract and feel the muscles working in a controlled and safe manner.

This hybrid movement begins with an upper back good morning and finishes with a shrug. To successfully perform this exercise it is important to break it into two different movements.

To begin the movement round the upper back in a controlled fashion into a deep forward stretch where you can feel the weight from the dumbbells pulling on the scapula. In a controlled fashion begin to reverse the movement by arching the upper back until you reach a neutral spine position. From this point retracted the scapula together and shrug the weight up while keeping the arms straight.  A strong contraction in the upper back should be the goal at this point. This exercise is a slow, controlled movement that focuses on the stretch and contraction and should not be rushed. See the video for detailed real-time coaching cues.

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