Scott Yard is a twelve year veteran to the sport of powerlifting. At 23 Yard squatted a total of 1,050lbs. Implemented into Yards training is the EliteFTS™box squat box, and the EliteFTS™ yoke bar with extended handles.

EliteFTS™ Yoke bar with extended handles gives the lifter more options and allows to create different movements. Lifters who experience shoulder injuries or poor flexibility can really benefit in using this bar because your shoulders are in the neutral position unlike a regular bar where your shoulders are externally rotated.

EliteFTS™ box squat box is great in helping a lifters range of motion by setting the box at different levels. This is a big component in critiquing squat form, and working on flexibility. EliteFTS™ box squat box can be used for multiple training exercises, not just one specific exercise.